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After catching the eye of Mike Bates, (who has extensive experience in helping to create and build two multi-million pound consultancies; BJSS, and Infinity Works), CEO Chris Roberts is thrilled to announce that following a significant investment, Mike will be joining Nimble’s Board as a Non Exec Director. He will offer his valuable experience and expertise in helping Nimble to execute their strategy to become one of the UK’s leading Product and Technology consultancies within the next 5 years.

Speaking to Mike, he explained to us a bit more about his background, his decision to get involved with Nimble, and his aspirations for the company over the coming years:

“I’ve been in IT services consulting since 1987. I have worked on many global and groundbreaking agile projects for big blue chip customers in many sectors from retail, banking, finance, manufacturing, telecoms, insurance and betting & gaming. As a business leader, since the early 2000’s, I helped to build two great multi-million pound businesses and I’ve been through all the challenges that come with that. I think my experience in terms of client management, project success and business management will all help accelerate our growth.

After 5 hectic years at Infinity Works I was looking to invest in a great IT services firm with a strong core management team. In Nimble, I found not only a business with a strong management team but one that has a great reputation, a first class blue chip client base, it’s financially strong and already has a team with great agile skills, strong engineering focus and a real drive to help clients succeed. For me it’s perfect.

In my previous life I helped to build businesses from the very beginning. Nimble is different in that it is already a mature business, financially strong, with a good core management team, great clients both in the private and public sector and already a great reputation for quality and delivery. The owners and directors have clear drive, high ability and the focus to succeed. As I have looked at the market I’ve realised that, together, these strengths are pretty unique – most consultancies I’ve looked at do not have that complete package.

Formally, I will be a non-exec, so all those duties acting as a board member and advisor to the board. But also, as in my previous roles, I’d like to play a key part in providing consultancy to help build all aspects of the business, from management team, organisational structures, culture, brand, marketing and hopefully helping with key clients and projects too.

Within 5 years, I want Nimble to be a class leading UK IT services provider. Recognised throughout the UK.

In 2020, the need for digital transformation is higher than ever. The Covid crisis has amplified and accelerated the commercial pressures driving that transformation. First class IT professionals and teams are in short supply. Class leading business and delivery focused service providers and people are what is needed in the core of every commercial challenge. So the scene is set.

We have a first class team already. We’ll expand that team and we’ll provide the right support structures for the Nimble staff to grow as Nimble grows. We will be customer and people focused, we’ll support personal growth and respect staff and customers alike.

When we deliver a successful project we’ll always aim to aim to meet the commercial challenge, but we’ll also aim to leave the client’s organisation more capable, more agile, better organised and better equipped to meet future demands.

We will be a company that makes an enduring difference to our clients. In a sentence, we will build a company that will be scalable, enduring and that sets new standards of customer focused delivery in the UK IT service sector.

It’s simple: by being responsive to customer demand and providing highly able, driven and delivery focused teams and creating an environment where talent and contribution are always rewarded on merit, we will succeed.”

CEO Chris Roberts added:

“Mike has become well integrated in the team, and we’ve already been working together on our strategy, commercials and people. His involvement feels natural to us all. We are sure we have an exciting future and we’ve now got the right core team to continuously deliver excellence to our clients.”