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Building a group wide safer gambling service. Using data technology to keep its customers safe.

Creating safer gaming for customers by automating exclusion across 3 brands. Each with their own systems and processes.

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Sky are leading the way in safer gaming.

Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG) and its parent company Flutter (including Paddy Power, Betfair, PokerStars and Sky Betting and Gaming) are at the forefront of technology and leading the way in safer gaming. Investing in technology and data to protect its customers.

With customer safety a priority, Flutter needed a way to quickly and effectively exclude customers from activity across its brands, that all use unique systems, data and processes. The project was called “Cross Brand Self Exclusion (CBSE)” and connected all their systems together quickly and safely.

In order to meet regulation and for SBG’s drive for safety, meant they wanted to be among the first to provide such an important safety net to its customers and that it absolutely had to work effectively to keep them safe.

Nimble Approach supported the CBSE Programme through Discovery to Delivery. They provided an engineering team that produced quality outcomes for us, on time and on budget. They did a great job and they were a key part of the success of the CBSE Programme.

Adam PotterHead of Delivery at Sky Betting and Gaming


Unique systems and processes needed 2-way communication.


Different triggers that can start the automated exclusion process.

On time

and on budget.

SBG’s challenge

Sky Betting and Gaming needed a way to accurately match a customer account on one system to all the other brands’ siloed systems. It would then have to auto apply any self-exclusion set on one system to all the others.

There are 11 different triggers that can start the exclusion process, so the system had to work across all triggers and be quick enough to protect its customers.

It also had to be easy to use, so customers could easily and quickly self exclude. A bad user experience in a situation like this could be very damaging for their customers.

The complexity and importance of this project meant they needed a partner they could trust to deliver and push them to create the best possible solutions for its customers.

Our solution

Nimble already has a strong partnership with Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG), as well as experience in the exclusion space. This meant we were the perfect partner for SBG as we could start quickly, fit into their culture and our focus on quality meant we could provide value from day one.

We provided the overall structure and programme for SBG and worked with the Flutter group to ensure an effective joined up plan and great ways of working across the brands.  We also provided the senior roles in the Programme and Product Management space, who brought experience from different industries which proved invaluable.  

Over the 15 month project Nimble delivered all the technical components SBG needed to handle the flow of data between the siloed systems and create the technology to help protect SBG’s customers.

A big focus was bringing these changes to the front end for their customers. It needed to be simple, clear and quick to help protect people. Ineffective design or technology simply wasn’t an option.

Our approach

The programme started with an 8 week inception and delivery phase to determine the size and scope of the changes required both technically and from a business perspective. We worked in a 2 week scrum iteration and then moved to Kanban, which was suited to SBG’s delivery focus and our way of working. 

There was extensive cross brand testing and more testing. As an issue with the system could be damaging for Flutters customers. So no risks were taken.

With all that hard work and focus on making sure we’re doing the right thing for SBG’s customers, go-live was on time and very smooth. We also provided extensive training and support for SBG’s team so they can continue to protect their customers long after the project is complete, without our help.

Nimble’s input and knowledge sharing has enabled Flutter and its brands to create an even safer gaming environment. Flutter is leading the way in safe gaming and this project is just one of many to improve the experience for its customers.

The Result

The project delivered a way for SBG and the Flutter brands to further support safer gaming for its customers. With customers who self exclude from one brand now automatically being excluded from all UK brands in the Flutter Group.

I was very impressed by the Programme leadership provided by Nimble Approach. They gave clear direction and leadership to both the Nimble and Sky Betting and Gaming Teams.
They acted with the best interests of Sky Betting and Gaming and the wider Flutter Group. I look forward to working with them again in future.

Jo ProsserTechnology Director at Sky Betting and Gaming

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