Scaling into the US. Ensuring compliance for a disruptive new product launch.

We helped Mojo get their product to market quicker. Ensuring ongoing legal compliance by creating, managing and automating the 15 required regulatory reports. With full handover and training. Delivered in 12 weeks, on time and on budget.

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Mojo’s mission is to bring more fun into the world.

Mojo are an exciting early-stage startup, mixing the worlds of sports and finance with a new product. They’re combining complex engineering, advanced data science, cutting-edge app design, original content, and more — all designed to give sports fans a new way to cash in on their knowledge and passion.

Having recently closed a $75M Series A funding round, they’re set to launch their full product in the autumn of 2022.

They needed a partner that understood the gaming market and importantly how to become and remain compliant in the strictly controlled gaming industry.

The Nimble team we’re a pleasure to work with. I met with them 2-3 times a week and it honestly felt like they were part of the team.

Derrick LugoSenior Director Of Engineering at Mojo


Regulatory reports created.


Week project. Boosting their in-house team.

On time

Delivered on time and defect free.

Their challenge

As Mojos first product in the US sports market, it needed to launch in time for the sports season and be a success. With tight regulations, Mojo needed to ensure compliance and that remaining compliant was easy and as automated as possible. So they could concentrate on making the business and product a success.

To remain compliant, they regularly have to produce regulatory reports from their data. Which would be almost impossible to produce manually due to the complexity of the content.

They needed Nimble to help them review, design and create a system that reduced manual work, ensured accuracy and helped them remain compliant. While focusing on improving the experience for their customers. We not only know and understand the US gaming market reporting requirements. But also have the practical skills and experience to deliver what they needed, on time and on budget.

Due to time constraints linked to the start of the sporting season and internal capacity, they needed a partner who could manage the entire project by themselves. A partner who needed minimal input from their in-house engineering team to make the project a success.

Our solution

  • Creation of reports required for regulation compliance
  • Advice and guidance on database structure
  • Help and advice to get them regulated
  • Set up the tools and workflow to create automated reports
  • Hand over completed to a high level with full understanding of solution and processes
  • Delivered on time and on budget

We worked with Mojo to not only create and manage the 15 regulatory reports needed for compliance, but also advised on elements such as database structure. This was to ensure future compliance was easy and could be largely automated.

Our solution was to create an AWS serverless Java based tool. Which was managed end to end (including deployments) by us, leaving their teams to focus on their core product development.

We used cloud formation and AWS pipeline tools to manage the deployments. As we were handing the project back to Mojo, this technology was chosen to ensure ease of transition back to the client. As well as easier updates in the future if needed.

Understanding their unique product offering was key, so our sector experience was vital to the success of this project. With our help Mojo will be ready for the regulatory certification process on time, for the start of the US sports season.

Our approach

  • Onboarding and discovery
    • Understanding the client, the product and the business goals
    • Investigating dataset and tech, architecture
    • Creating the product roadmap
    • Integration with the Mojo team, their culture and ways of working
  • Build and Review
    • Create and test
    • Grow and improve based on feedback
    • Document everything ready for handover
  • User Acceptance Testing
    • Full user acceptance testing to ensure a great product
  • Handover (including full documentation)
    • Ensure the client understands the architecture and the way the reports have been created
    • Complete any training required to maintain the system.

We laughed together, got things done together, and faced the frustrations of building a plane while in flight in a highly regulated environment together. But even through all that they were professional and understanding while getting things done.

Derrick LugoSenior Director Of Engineering at Mojo

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