Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Gain real advantage and improve your business with AI technology.

AI is a game changer

The rapid rise of accessible AI has created a fast paced world that is creating opportunity and disrupting businesses everywhere.

To us AI means amplifying our collective strengths, heightening our clients and employee interactions and boosting decision-making capabilities. Creating organisations that work smarter, faster and push what they do further.

We support you to navigate this landscape through real-world value, not hype. It’s a focused approach which drives real organisation change and value.

We cut through the hype. Using AI to add real value.

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Our AI and ML Services

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Organisation growth

We can enable you to harness the power of AI to drive innovation, creativity, improve accessibility, and gain an edge over your competitors.

  • Create new products, services and revenue streams utilising AI
  • Improve existing products and services
  • Develop innovative new market propositions and services to deliver better customer experiences
  • Develop your own AI using your knowledge and expertise
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Be more efficient

Streamline your business processes and boost your bottom line. Improve decision-making, enhance productivity, ensure quality, and reduce costs.

  • Task Automation
  • Customer Experience and Assistance Automation
  • Employee Personal Development – Training of existing teams on impact and appropriate utilisation of AI
  • Operational Intelligence and insights – Advanced insight through enhanced KPIs and data analysis
  • Data understanding and utilisation – Make better decisions, faster
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People and Technology

Super charge your people and technology with AI that speeds up, increases quality and opens new doors. People and technology together.

  • Create a generative AI adoption strategy
  • Developer Assistance. AI accelerates technical delivery teams across all engineering functions
  • Technology Automation. Process automation, removing need for developer interaction where suitable
  • Leverage your organisations’ knowledge in a Large Language Models (LLM). Take your knowledge and make it accessible

AI Transformation

  • AI strategy development and implementation
  • AI ethics, data and bias policy development
  • AI auditing and compliance
  • Architecture, hardware and software support
  • AI training and support
  • Accelerated carbon footprints. AI Technology is energy inefficient, adverse impact on organisational environment aspirations if incorrectly implemented

AI and ML Capabilities 

We help you understand when to use AI, what you’re hoping to achieve by exploring AI, what competitive advantage you’ll gain and how it will impact your business model.

Proposition and Innovation Development

  • Understand the opportunity to develop new innovative products, services and revenue streams.
  • Deliver new and distinctive customer experiences
  • Improve existing products and services with an enhanced experience
  • Develop your own AI solution by leveraging industry models, privately and securely enhanced with your organisations data

Operational Efficiencies

  • Drive operational efficiency and cost reduction through deployment of AI solutions
  • Train existing employees on the impact of AI and appropriate utilisation
  • Drive operational insight and advanced analytics through enhances KPIs and data analysis

Technological Acceleration

  • Developer assistance tooling, does it work, what is the opportunity and how do I need to adapt my technical teams to accelerate delivery
  • Establish an AI Strategy with supporting ethics, data and compliance frameworks for safe and effective usage
  • MLOps support and model pipeline development to safely scale the delivery of AI from R&D to operational usage
  • Carbon footprint analysis to understand how to deploy AI without impacting your environmental goals

Challenges to Implementing an Ethical AI Strategy

By Nigel Garner, Head of Technology at Nimble Approach. Recorded live at the Nimble Approach Tech Leaders Event, June 2023.

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