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Split the Bills had an established brand, but had got to a place where disparate systems were damaging their efficiency and could be much easier automated, allowing their teams to spend their time on more important priorities.

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Creating an intuitive user-centric platform.

After a short discovery period which flushed out genuine user, business and tech needs, Nimble kicked off the new Sign-up project with a 1 week inception and delivered the MVP to Live with a small team just 8 weeks later.

There was a massive importance here on immersing with the internal team at Split, and this was echoed by CEO Ashley Tate:

“When the Pop Up Squad arrived, we thought they were great, and within the first week it already felt like an effective collaboration.

With the team actually in the office, the pace at which we were able to discuss changes and ask on the spot questions helped us to just pick up speed, and the accuracy and quality of what you can deliver is so much better”

Delivering the new cloud hosted platform using Java with a vueJS front end allowed us to create a modern platform that will scale in line with Split’s ambitions and growth strategy.

If you’ve got a project you need to deliver, and you want to deliver it quickly, then in my opinion Nimble is the perfect way to do it.

We had two options, we either needed to hire perms, but that takes time and they will inevitably get sucked into other projects, or you’ve got to go to an agency.
This is the perfect hybrid between the two, with a team working in-house to deliver a project.

Ashley TateCEO at Split the Bills

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