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Nimble were approached by exciting social change charity, Good Things Foundation, to work with them on their data strategy as a part of their continued growth both in the UK and Australia.

The project was a complex one, with Good Things going through a legacy system transformation, and so Nimble sprung into action, getting the ball rolling as quickly and efficiently as possible to enable this.

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Effective data strategy

We worked collaboratively with key stakeholders at Good Things, carrying out extensive research and ultimately producing an effective Data Strategy which has fast become a key component of Good Things Technology Roadmap. Phil Fothergill, Project Manager at Good Things Foundation said:

“Improving the infrastructure to better support our network of 9k+ community partners across the UK and Australia, to help fix the digital divide and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations in doing so.

The Data Strategy and wider Technology Roadmap lays the foundation to expand the service offering to the community partner network to the benefit of their service users. At the same time it provides a delivery capability that will attract funding partners over the long term that share Good Things Foundation vision to create a world where everyone benefits from digital”

To enable this strategy, Good Things and Nimble utilised our innovative pop-up squad model to tackle the bulk of the work upfront and ensure the delivery was as valuable as it could be.

However, it became clear through Nimble’s ongoing consultation with Good Things’ inhouse technology team, that a move to a structured “scale up” would be more cost effective, thus providing a truly collaborative approach to the transformation.

The relatively unique operating model of Good Things meant that the solution design and transition from the mix of legacy systems has necessitated a truly Agile approach to the Data strategy project.

The partnership with Nimble has been critical in this respect, bringing the necessary skills, experience and insight to accelerate the journey.

Phil FothergillProject Manager at Good Things Foundation

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