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Department for Education had an established service to provide bespoke personal data extracts to a variety of end users.

They set out on a mission to make it easier for the department to operate this service, improve security of the personal data and reduce burden on their users.

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Delivery of a new service through the GDS lifecycle that meets user needs

Nimble immersed with the client team on site throughout. We provided the right specialists at the right time (via our Pop-up squad model) to deliver the service from Alpha through to Live in a short space of time.

Richard Machen, who owned the service at Department for Education, said:

“Nimble, by bringing in a range of talented and personable specialists, helped us deliver our ‘Find & Explore National Pupil Database’ metadata product – overcoming numerous challenges along the way.”

The service delivered has given DfE a platform which benefits from a much more efficient, intuitive user experience, whilst being highly secure and scalable from both a data and tech perspective.

Nimble could be relied upon to represent the Department well in all dealings with our users, and using their vast experience in Agile delivery was instrumental in helping us iterate our product to meet our users needs.

They have been a highly professional and flexible bunch throughout.

Richard MachenProduct Manager at Department for Education

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