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We were delighted to be invited by Sheffield Digital for Chris to speak to them about Nimble on their Friday podcast.

In what we’re told was an interesting conversation with Chris D, Iain and Mel (honestly we have listened to it); they said:

“We loved hearing Chris talk about how he is doing things a little bit differently. From pop-up squads and culture change to focusing (and sticking to) strong values, Nimble Approach has grown quickly and is doing really rather well. If you are thinking of or just starting a business, you will find the conversation really useful.

From about the 14-minute mark, Chris talks about the way Nimble Approach gives its team opportunity to talk about mental health or any other issues they might have. It’s refreshing to hear and again, valuable insight if you are a business owner.”

We’re late to joining Sheffield Digital (sorry), but we’ve done most of our work in Leeds (London, Manchester, Gibraltar and Krakow) but it felt like the right time now that we’ve finally put roots down in our collective hometown and its great to catch-up with/meet new faces who have done some exciting things while we’ve gone away and Longy is becoming a regular at Geek Brekkie.

We won’t spoil the chat by telling you what he talks about. Have a listen here.

While you’re there, have a look round and see what Sheffield Digital can do to help your business!