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Using Agile coaching to halve development time.

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The Collecting Group

The Collecting Group (TCG) is a global online auction platform currently devoted to collectable cars and watches. Founded in 2018, The Collecting Group is accelerating fast. With over 10,000 cars and 2,000 watches sold, their team is now 100+ enthusiasts around the world.

With such rapid growth, TCG are also adding to their product lines and expanding their portfolio, growing their development team and capabilities in the process.


reduction in cycle time.


throughput and reduction in dwell time.


team satisfaction.

Their challenge

With the challenges of rapid scaling, new product lines and growing their in-house development team, this meant TCG had to ensure they were scaling sustainably and using best practices across the organisation. 

The growing volume of work given to the development teams was flowing, but bottlenecked at the analysis stage. Teams weren’t set up to handle shifting priorities, which we find often happens in high performing, scale-up companies. 

These constantly shifting priorities meant that using a sprint pattern rather than a well managed backlog wasn’t working for the teams. Delivery needed to be value-driven and prioritised using a new process, enabling the teams to focus on product development using iterative delivery techniques to satisfy their ever growing customer base. 

TCG wanted external guidance to ensure their agile methodology was fit for purpose and would be setting them up for continued growth, rather than holding them back. 

Key goals to improve delivery:

  • More visibility of work in flight
  • Quicker releases
  • Easier releases
  • Value-driven delivery

Having previously worked with Nimble Approach, TCG knew that our knowledge and experience helping organisations to streamline processes and prioritise business needs would be of huge benefit to them. Our goal was to take the team on a journey through agile coaching, to become a high functioning and high performing team to enable TCG’s continued growth.

Our solution

We worked with TCG to identify a need for an Agile coach. The coach would come in and work with the development teams on how to effectively manage workloads given their unique situation, whilst ensuring that prioritisation is done by the business rather than individuals.

We needed to create a culture of a high performing team, rather than a set of talented individuals. Key to this was seeing the backlog as whole and ensuring the team wasn’t siloed.

Our approach

Nimble worked closely with everyone in the team to understand the issues faced and identify areas that could be tackled immediately, while looking at the medium and longer term coaching needs. The aim was to empower the teams to self-organise without relying on a Coach.

Analysis of:

  • Team culture and behaviours 
  • Processes
  • Tools and systems 
  • Knowledge of agile 
  • Product set
  • Prioritisation and stakeholders / interested parties

Leading to:

  • In person workshops on agile coaching
  • Gaining wider perspective on business strategy and involving the development team in what that should/could look like and their part in that
  • Individual mentoring

Working closely with:

  • Head of Engineering
  • SRE
  • Team Leads
  • Development teams
  • Platform team
  • Product Manager

The Results

  • 50% reduction in cycle time
  • Improved throughput and reduction in dwell time across the team
  • Enhanced team satisfaction

In 3 months the cycle time of delivery has now halved, which means the team is working twice as efficiently as they were previously.

The processes, techniques and ceremonies that are now performed are well facilitated and focused on the work, i.e. deliverables, identifying blockers, bottlenecks and understanding priorities. This means that the teams are well informed and able to take more ownership of the work that they pull in rather than having it pushed upon them.

With cycle times being half what they were before the business and their users are seeing new features drop in half the time they were at the end of 2022. Meaning the business has built a great jumping off point to keep delivering and improving without worrying about process.

Agile Coaching doesn’t have to be a 2 year project if you have a collaborative team who are eager to learn. An Agile Coach can add value in a short amount of time if you are invested in the outcome.

Nimble's direct, no-nonsense approach was invaluable. Nimble integrated into our team, offering crucial insights and expert guidance to navigate our transformation.

Their coaching boosted our productivity, halved our release time, and significantly enhanced team satisfaction.

Nimble are an indispensable asset to teams seeking to optimise their product and delivery management processes.

OllyHead of Engineering at The Collecting Group

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