Pop up squads


Need help delivering a burning project you don’t have the in-house capacity for?
Nimble Pop Up Squads can either manage or support your delivery of:

  • Web Applications & Digital Platforms
  • Data Services
  • Mobile
  • GDS
  • Cloud

Our squads are lean, cross-functional teams that help you get from zero to delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Consultancy and Transformation

Consultancy &

With years of experience of what works (and what doesn’t!), our consultants can guide and advise you through anything from aligning business strategy to delivery roadmap, developing new products, improving delivery processes or rescue struggling projects.

We are here to make your organisation work more effectively.

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Individual Specialists


Our 'Specialists' service makes use of our Consultants and trusted network of connections to hand-pick that perfect individual to deliver your project.

Experts in their fields, our people will join your in-house team to fill any gaps in your skill-sets and accelerate the growth and delivery of your projects.

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