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Considering a career with Nimble?

We’re looking for people who are the best in their field. People who want to work hard, add value, have fun, be respected, be challenged and grow.

We want to enable people with ability and ambition. We want your skills and confidence to grow. We reward only on merit. We want to make you the most employable person you can be - but so happy, respected, rewarded, challenged and looked after at Nimble that you'll stay and help us be the number one consultancy.

If your digital skills are first class, then we’re looking for engineers skilled in mobile, full stack engineering (both Java and Microsoft tech), cloud (AWS and Azure) and data services and analytics.

Everybody has skills gaps - we’ll together aim to close those gaps with a tailored personal development plan and support to let you get the skills you value and want to have.

Considering contracting with Nimble?

  • Currently contracting?

    But feel like you have hit a wall, and can’t add any more value to a project or assignment.

  • Coming to the end of your contract?

    But want to work with a trusted network of like-minded people on a project that really sparks your interest.

  • Currently a permanent employee?

    But have reservations about making the leap into contracting.

  • Meet Nimble

    With us, you’re a Nimbler.

    One of our hand-picked, elite specialists, chosen because of who you are, as well as what you can do.

    Need to talk about the project? We’re there.

    Need a change? We understand.

    Need a drink? We’re buying.

    We are collaborators at all times, and we’ll make you proud to be Nimble.

    Come and join the Nimble revolution!

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