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We understand. In fact, we feel exactly the same. We will only work with clients we believe we can genuinely add value to, and that we believe we can effectively collaborate with.

You wouldn’t hire a permanent employee if they didn’t fit in with your company culture, and we think the same applies here. It’s a blind date, and we want to make sure we keep seeing each other!

Do you…

  • Recruit internally?

    But can’t afford the lead time and don’t have the long-term need.

  • Recruit externally?

    But need delivery people who’ve been there and bought the t-shirt to do the vetting

  • Outsource it?

    But want to stay close to the project and benefit from collaboration and short feedback loops.

  • Meet Nimble

    Elite, proven product and technology specialists who ramp up quickly, hit the ground running, and work flexibly to your requirements.

    This is what the future looks like, and it’s already started.

    Contact your 12th man, the collaboration partner you wished you’d been using for years.

    Realise the difference!

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