You may notice, Nimble has had a little bit of a facelift! 💁🏼🥰

A nip here, a tuck there (but definitely no filler!👄), and we’ve got ourselves a brand new image.

Everything about our rebrand brilliantly reflects who we are as a business and as a community, and I’ll tell you why…

We are collaborators - Our brand refresh hasn’t just been the job of one developer or designer.

We have pulled together a team of individuals, all with different skill sets and opinions, to work together and create something with style, substance and functionality.

Not only that, our clients have worked with us to help produce our case studies, our COO used his sharp, detailed eye to proof read our content, our very own Nimblers helped test our links and give us feedback.

We have produced our MVP, and we want as much feedback and input as we can get to keep our brand moving, improving and evolving along with us.

We are something different - From our cheeky animations to our punchy content style, we hope you can see we are not just a corporate machine churning out CVs, or filling databases with people we will never contact. We only provide our clients with specialists that we know and trust to do a good job, reducing risk, and keeping standards high.

We work with like-minded people, and only with those we feel we can truly add value to.

We won’t work with clients just for the money; we want to know we’ve made a significant improvement to a product or service, we want to see a difference because of our input.

The same goes for contractors; we want them to love their work, to feel they are working towards a valuable and fulfilling goal. How many organisations could you truly say that about?

Who wants to grow old gracefully?! 😝

We want to grow into the new phase of Nimble as boldly and resolutely as possible, and we’re hoping our brand refresh is just the start.


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