The greatest way to reinforce to us that we’re doing the right things and working in the right way can only be measured by a) whether our customers want to work with us again or b) (and perhaps more importantly to us) that our people want to continue to work with us or come back to work with us.

So, back by popular demand, and in his second stint on Team Nimble we’d like to welcome back Sweden (or as he's called on his passport - Rich Woodhead).

We’ve worked with Sweden before on a successful Agile Maturity project for our friends at Shield Safety in Manchester (we even wrote a case study about it ) so when there was a client need for a seasoned Agile Delivery specialist to work alongside some of our existing delivery team for William Hill, we didn’t have a moment’s hesitation to bring him back.

We hope you enjoy your new role!


About Nimble

We take every effort to handpick all our Specialists, but we know there are talented and passionate people out there that we don’t know. If you think that’s you and you’re interested in what we’re up to, drop our Delivery Principal Andrew Long ([email protected]) a message as we’d love to chat to you.

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