• More Nimble Good News!

    I’s absolutely no secret that Andrew started what was an interim role with Nimble.

    by Chris
    14th February 2018
  • 2016: A year in review

    By now most workplaces around the UK are winding down, code freezing or already finished for Christmas. With that in mind, we thought it apt to share our reflections on 2016 from a Nimble perspective.

    by Chris
    21st December 2016
  • Using Kanban to reduce people's context switch hell!

    In the role I'm currently in,  I work with organisations to understand how they're working now and how they can become more effective as opposed to just busy. What's interesting to observe with different organisations far and wide is how there's one common factor I always (to different degrees of course) see in people and teams ; that is context switching.

    by Chris
    21st August 2015
  • Coaching Retrospectives - Starting off right!

    As an Agile Coach, one of the key principles I teach teams is how they can benefit from meeting up regularly to discuss the way they are working. This principle is often referred to as 'short feedback loops'. There are a number of different ways the team can do this, but the one I want to write about in this post, is arguably the most common one; the team Retrospective.

    by Chris
    20th January 2015

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