• Agendashift is Live!!!

    Having followed Mike Burrows and his work now for a number of years, we at Nimble are delighted to be in the first group of authorised collaboration partners of Agendashift!

    by Chris
    14th September 2016
  • Self organising teams - where are the boundaries??

    In most organisation these days we acknowledge that self organising teams are a good thing. This hasn't been the case over time.  Every team wasn't born as a collection of empowered decision makers, they've all been on a journey.  This journey begins when that team first forms.

    by Chris
    26th November 2015
  • Using Kanban to reduce people's context switch hell!

    In the role I'm currently in,  I work with organisations to understand how they're working now and how they can become more effective as opposed to just busy. What's interesting to observe with different organisations far and wide is how there's one common factor I always (to different degrees of course) see in people and teams ; that is context switching.

    by Chris
    21st August 2015
  • Using your own metrics to self discover!

    So one of the positive attributes I feel I've retained from my Project Management days is an instinct to capture information. With how thick and fast information is thrown at us these days (certainly in my current career path) I always remind myself of the need to capture information that is 'just enough' or 'barely sufficient' to avoid waste, which is a reflection in myself of what I coach to people and teams

    by Chris
    10th June 2015
  • Agile 'Keeping it Simple' Webinar

    As part of a webinar series, I hosted a drop in session on Monday focusing on how coaches can keep Agile simple in order to allow participants (the people learning Agile from scratch) a chance to hit the ground running and let it work for them. For those who missed it, here's the video:

    by Chris
    13th March 2015
  • Agile Pick n' Mix

    Going back a few years when I first read about Agile, I found plenty of content on a variety of topics online. Whilst I appreciated having such a volume of resources available, I can also remember it felt pretty overwhelming!

    by Chris
    25th February 2015
  • So... why brand myself?

    Last Summer I did something that I’d been thinking about for a while. I left my permanent job role, set up my own limited company and decided to go contracting. Many people do this. Set up a trading name, get a company number and use this new entity to invoice, pay VAT etc. Because the name is only needed for this sort of purpose, it isn’t normally cosmetic or brand focused, nor does it need to be...

    by Chris
    26th January 2015
  • Coaching Retrospectives - Starting off right!

    As an Agile Coach, one of the key principles I teach teams is how they can benefit from meeting up regularly to discuss the way they are working. This principle is often referred to as 'short feedback loops'. There are a number of different ways the team can do this, but the one I want to write about in this post, is arguably the most common one; the team Retrospective.

    by Chris
    20th January 2015

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