Last Summer I did something that I’d been thinking about for a while. I left my permanent job role, set up my own limited company and decided to go contracting.

Many people do this. Set up a trading name, get a company number and use this new entity to invoice, pay VAT etc. Because the name is only needed for this sort of purpose, it isn’t normally cosmetic or brand focused, nor does it need to be.

This is where I started. The majority of people I know who work solely as a consultant or do contract work in IT rarely create a brand and their own website.

So why did I decide to set up my own brand and website then?

Well, it’s quite simple. I specialise in Agile Coaching & Delivery. It is my passion! I love doing this! I like to write about my experiences 1) to share with others working or interested in this area in the hope they will find it useful and 2) to free up my short term memory.

In order to do this, I wanted one central space that personified the Agile part of me. A site that I helped to design, that had a brand that reflects what I do and that allows me to share my thoughts & experiences easily.

The next logical step was for me to approach Side by Side. I know both Dave & Ol pretty well and what I love about them, is their relentless pursuit to help companies/people establish their identity. They treat each project individually, which I think is really reflected in their results.

I am really pleased with the outcome of my brand & website and am now looking forward to starting to share the thoughts in my head! Well.. not all of them :)

Welcome to Nimble. I hope you like the site and I’m always happy to chat, so please feel free to get in touch about all things Agile.

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