We’ve been talking to a lot of people recently and one thing that we keep coming back to is that we have a big network and that network contains a lot of talented people that we’d love to work with.

More by accident than design in its conception, we’ve come up with a proposition that is gaining a lot of traction in our wider business network.

What started as our Zero to Delivery Service has evolved into the ‘Pop Up Squad’.

Imagine (It won’t be that hard believe us) that you have a burning business problem that you need your development team to work on, but they’re already totally maxed out on their roadmap. Normally you’d pick up the phone to your favourite third party development team and ask them to help. But what if you want to use a new technology or work up a concept quickly?

Pop Up Squad is just that. A team that we put together to suit the exact needs of your business, and who only exist for the entirety of the project. No baggage, no passengers, just the best we have to offer. Based on either your site or remotely or a combination of both.

It’s all theory and you can’t do it

We can and we have!, We’d like to introduce you to our prototype Pop Up Squad.

Michael, Connor & Ian (Front End Development Specialists) and Muninder (Test Automation Specialist) all are starting at William Hill today on an exciting, lean startup initiative.

We were given a problem, and a little more than a  week to form a squad to join the rest of a team with a fixed start date and meet the customers specific demands.

We reached out into our network and asked people we trust to get involved and after William Hill interviewed them and Andrew made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, we put together a highly skilled team in 3 days.

Does this challenge seem familiar in your organisation? Do you want to deliver value without derailing your delivery pipeline? Fear not, we can do this for you too. 

About us

We’re taking our Lean delivery principles and applying them to our operation:

  • No big office overheads
  • 'Just in time' Growth of our leadership team
  • Passionate Delivery people as opposed to separate sales people. (We’re talking about what we love and what energizes us vs just trying to sell you something)
  • No big raft of directors, non execs or shareholders
  • We are staying true to our values so you don’t bear the cost of those overheads


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