So something I've wanted to do for a while is start a Community arm of Nimble.

I've wanted to get in a comfortable place though where I feel we can invest time and effort in doing this and avoid trying to discipline myself whilst growing a fast paced business and ultimately; let's face it, doing it half heartedly.

We have identified a couple of research streams which we are going to pursue over the next 3 months, but ultimately, we'd also LOVE your ideas about a cause that we could help with, whether it's Tech or Not, particularly if it's not got the awareness it should.


  1. if you have ideas - drop us a message here starting the text with IDEA and put the cause/idea, why it needs help and what we can do and
  2. If you want to help - we will I believe ultimately hire a Head of Community to work alongside me and the other BizOps Nimblers at HQ to help lead this arm of the business. Whilst a few months off yet, I'm committed to this, so if you feel this may be you, drop us a message here too but starting the text with SUPPORT followed by the reasons you'd like to get involve and why you think you'd be a good fit.




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