It’s absolutely no secret that Andrew started what was an interim role with Nimble.

Chris and Andrew worked closely together at Technophobia in Sheffield where as Senior Delivery Manager (Chris) and Programme Manager (Andrew) they worked in tandem on the Innovate UK platform _connect. Andrew was also involved when Chris decided to grow Nimble in 2016 (see

We wouldn’t have been true to our values if we’d have started a new role in the organisation by hiring someone to a permanent deal with a fixed job description and no ability to inspect or adapt the role as it went on.

We embarked in November with a hypothesis about the role, a set of assumptions around what might happen, a few objectives and a set of success criteria (which essentially was a statement of work).

With regular short feedback loops and retrospectives (and even sprint planning) we’ve developed a role that’s key to the success of Nimble in a truly agile way of working.

We’re absolutely delighted that Andrew has agreed to extend his stay with us, over the last 3 months in typical lean startup fashion he has picked up and worn many different hats to help this explosion of growth be successful and seamless.

As recognition of that and along with our maturing business needs, responsible for our output for our growing customer base, he will have more autonomy in his new role of Head of Technology from Monday 12th February.

In an effort to make us even more efficient, we’ve cut down on time spent on telling people he doesn’t like being called Andy by reverting to his nickname from School (Longy).

Continuing the same theme, we’ll take the same approach and gather learnings (of success and dare we say it failure) as we go along to play to his strengths and the constantly changing needs of the business and our users.

No let up though, 2018 has started at a rapid pace and we’re delighted to secure someone who has been (and is more than ever) pivotal to our value, brand and methodology.


Join us at Nimble

We take every effort to handpick all our Specialists, but we know there are talented and passionate people out there that we don’t know. If you think that’s you and you’re interested in what we’re up to, drop  Andrew ([email protected]) a message as we’d love to chat to you.


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