Hi all, I'm Joel and have recently had the privilege of joining the Nimble family as Head of Commercial, which is the corporate way of referring to a man who wears lots of hats, or spins lots of plates ***insert other witty analogy here***

Baptism of fire

Its been a frantic, rapid fire start to life in the business, but one thing that has really hit home is not only the class leading service they offer to clients, more the strong feeling of community/belonging that they have instilled throughout all departments…..something which is also extended to the “nimblers” they so heavily depend on out in the field.

This was demonstrated at the recent Nimble Social gathering in Sheffield last Thursday, where the whole “community” joined for an informal catch up, to share some Tech industry gossip, and general have a bit of a knees up to celebrate an excellent Q1!

A bit about me

Although I've been aware of the great work going on at Nimble for a long time, I haven’t been selected for this role based purely on humour/personality alone (not exclusively anyway! ha). I have spent over a decade supporting some of the UK’s largest brands to improve/streamline their Recruitment/Resourcing Strategy to great effect, having held strategic roles in Talent Management, Business Development, Bid Management, Account Management, and Relationship Management.

I am joining this role with not only a broad range of experience, but a genuine passion to help an already impressive business achieve its objectives. My role is a split between Talent Management and Strategic Sales, helping the Founder and CEO to develop/enhance strategic relationships whilst also ensuring we have the best talent on hand to join one of our “pop-up squads”....implementing/encouraging change throughout the Tech industry.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the Tech/Product folks throughout our hotspots in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester in the coming weeks/months, so please do let me know if you are open to a chat around how Nimble can support you and deliver on your upcoming project goals!

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