After a ten year career in recruitment, I’ve landed my dream job with Nimble - who I knew of before they were Nimble - when it was just Chris Roberts on his own. 

Having wandered into recruitment, I specialised in the engineering and manufacturing industries in the North. It was a baptism of fire- chatting with generations of welders, platers and fitters, all day, every day... and I loved it! Don’t laugh, but still to this day there is no more beautiful sight to me than the skyline of huge, imposing manufacturing plants of the Humber. Weird ey!

A few years later I joined an IT recruitment consultancy in the heart of Sheffield (I loved how they worked) and found that tech was just as, if not more, fascinating. Reading “IT Recruitment for Dummies” all of those years ago (I’m not even joking) and finding out why we call ‘bugs’, ‘bugs’, the great Linus Torvalds, and the Windows vs. Linux debate (now null-and-void, I understand), sparked a curiosity that continues to this day. Tech felt like home - I was still recruiting for and working with people who build very cool stuff, just in a different way.

Later, I was lucky enough to contract into a world-leading software house in Sheffield- to recruit and work with the most talented software developers from all over the world. We saw the company grow from 40 people to over 150, and what made my time there so special was how inspired and motivated every single person was by the company’s mission. From this, I knew that I could only ever recruit for and grow a business that I whole-heartedly believe in.

Fast forward three years, and here I am! When I met Chris through Agile Sheffield some time ago, I knew Nimble was going to be big. Having kept in touch since then, something Chris is great at doing, I’m incredibly lucky (and very humbled) to have been offered a position as Talent Management Lead in this very special business. 

Why Nimble? Their values. They’re experts, of course, and working with such skilled people is a great privilege, but it’s not just that. My colleagues at Nimble care, about each other, about leaving a lasting legacy, and about doing good.

Proud to be from Sheffield - the City of Makers - and continuously fascinated and amazed by our industry, I get to combine these loves to help grow Nimble; working alongside an incredibly talented team with, frankly; amazing people.

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