• 2016: A year in review

    By now most workplaces around the UK are winding down, code freezing or already finished for Christmas. With that in mind, we thought it apt to share our reflections on 2016 from a Nimble perspective.

    by Chris
    21st December 2016
  • From Zero to Delivery - Our Sheffield Hub Start up

    So.... just short of a year and I'm leaving the Home Office.  It's been a really fun, challenging and incredibly productive journey, growing a start up from scratch in the Public Sector.

    by Chris
    4th October 2016
  • Agendashift is Live!!!

    Having followed Mike Burrows and his work now for a number of years, we at Nimble are delighted to be in the first group of authorised collaboration partners of Agendashift!

    by Chris
    14th September 2016
  • Self organising teams - where are the boundaries??

    In most organisation these days we acknowledge that self organising teams are a good thing. This hasn't been the case over time.  Every team wasn't born as a collection of empowered decision makers, they've all been on a journey.  This journey begins when that team first forms.

    by Chris
    26th November 2015
  • Using Kanban to reduce people's context switch hell!

    In the role I'm currently in,  I work with organisations to understand how they're working now and how they can become more effective as opposed to just busy. What's interesting to observe with different organisations far and wide is how there's one common factor I always (to different degrees of course) see in people and teams ; that is context switching.

    by Chris
    21st August 2015
  • Using your own metrics to self discover!

    So one of the positive attributes I feel I've retained from my Project Management days is an instinct to capture information. With how thick and fast information is thrown at us these days (certainly in my current career path) I always remind myself of the need to capture information that is 'just enough' or 'barely sufficient' to avoid waste, which is a reflection in myself of what I coach to people and teams

    by Chris
    10th June 2015

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