• Don’t just be work mates, be work MATES

    The other day I was sat on the tram as usual deep in thought about what makes great Scrum teams.  I cast my mind back to previous places I have worked, where I work now and what I liked about various places and the people within them.  It may seem pretty obvious, but when I thought about it, it wasn’t actually the way places adopted Scrum like a boss, or how they smashed through the sprints with high quality software and excellent communication and collaboration.

    by Amy
    3rd April 2018
  • Agile Incentives #1 - The CEO

    This is the first in a series on agile incentives. In it I will take a number of key roles within an organisation, outline the high-level incentives that person has, and then discuss how the adoption of agile aligns with those incentives. I'm going to start right at the 'top' of the organisation: the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

    by Steve
    15th March 2018
  • More Nimble Good News!

    I’s absolutely no secret that Andrew started what was an interim role with Nimble.

    by Chris
    14th February 2018
  • Welcome back to Sweden!

    The greatest way to reinforce to us that we’re doing the right things and working in the right way can only be measured by a) whether our customers want to work with us again or b) (and perhaps more importantly to us) that our people want to continue to work with us or come back to work with us.

    by Chris
    13th February 2018
  • Nimble 'Pop Up Squad' Arrives

    We’ve been talking to a lot of people recently and one thing that we keep coming back to is that we have a big network and that network contains a lot of talented people that we’d love to work with. More by accident than design in its conception, we’ve come up with a proposition that is gaining a lot of traction in our wider business network.

    by Chris
    6th February 2018
  • Not One But Two New Nimblers

    Today is an exciting day for us at Nimble as we welcome not 1 but 2 new Nimblers to our team.

    by Chris
    30th January 2018
  • Nimble partners with William Hill for Agile Transformation

    We're excited to announce that we've partnered up with the nation's favourite bookie William Hill to assist them in transforming the way the company operates in terms of innovation, product focus and more effective ways of working.

    by Chris
    23rd January 2018
  • 2017: One Final Message

    Wow it’s been a race to the finish this year. Although I’m sure I’ll be a physical wreck once the adrenalines gone and I can’t wait to spend time with loved ones, 2017 has been so fulfilling for growing Nimble and we don’t want it to end!

    by Chris
    23rd December 2017
  • Nimble Case Study - Shield Safety

    At the start of the year, we met up with the software team at award-winning, Manchester-based consultancy Shield Safety Group.  For those of you who don't know Shield Safety, they are one of the UK’s leading providers of Food, Fire, and Health & Safety services and software, providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with software and support to manage the complexity of compliance responsibilities.

    by Chris
    19th July 2017

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