• Nimble launch third community, in Manchester!

    We’re delighted to announce a significant highlight of our action packed summer - launching our third Nimble community in the thriving city of Manchester.

    by Chris
    1st October 2019
  • Hello everyone, I'm Vic!

    Hello there! I’m Vic and I’ve joined the Nimble community this week as Operations Specialist. I’m 5”6 (if we’re being generous), my hair colour is ‘tinge of the ginge’, and I enjoy outdoor adventures and musicals…oh and managing all things operations and marketing!

    by Vic
    20th September 2019
  • Nimble Community - Coming soon!!!

    So something I've wanted to do for a while is start a Community arm of Nimble. I've wanted to get in a comfortable place though where I feel we can invest time and effort in doing this and avoid trying to discipline myself whilst growing a fast paced business and ultimately; let's face it, doing it half heartedly.

    by Chris
    29th April 2019
  • More good news..... Meet Joel

    Hi all, I'm Joel and have recently had the privilege of joining the Nimble family as Head of Commercial, which is the corporate way of referring to a man who wears lots of hats, or spins lots of plates ***insert other witty analogy here***

    by Joel
    16th April 2019
  • Value your team, they see your blind spots!

    I feel it's true of running a lean people driven collective (like I am now) and I had the same feeling when I think back to being a member of a cross functional delivery team. The beauty of a team who have different skills is that everyone thinks in different ways and therefore each brings something different to the collective pot.

    by Chris
    12th April 2019
  • Nimble 2018: my personal reflection on Chapter 2

    Last month saw the 2 year anniversary of the leap I made to start growing Nimble, beyond the brand I set up whilst freelancing. When I reflected a year ago, Nimble was just starting to grow as an independent collective. Just when I thought we couldn’t beat the crazy adrenaline rush of 2017,  2018 turned up and surpassed all expectations for the team here at Nimble.

    by Chris
    7th December 2018
  • Why Would I Ever Need A Pop Up Squad?

    Let’s get this out of the way first. This is not an original idea. Temporary teams capable of taking on complex projects have existed for decades. Hollywood is a great example, Producers assemble teams of directors, writers, actors,  designers and a variety of other specialists to deliver projects with budgets in the tens if not hundreds of millions.

    by Andrew
    4th July 2018
  • New Project, New Office, New People

    It's a massive, massive day for Nimble. Its been an incredible 6 months in which we’ve trebled the size of the company, launched 2 pop up squads and set some real solid foundations taking the company to the next level while still saying true to our lean values

    by Chris
    14th May 2018

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