Wow it’s been a race to the finish this year.

Although I’m sure I’ll be a physical wreck once the adrenalines gone and I can’t wait to spend time with loved ones, 2017 has been so fulfilling for growing Nimble and we don’t want it to end!

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great clients who’ve inspired us and really stretched our legs as a business this year. This has helped us establish ourselves as providers of hand picked elite specialists to

- Enable true organisational transformation

- Make a success of Agile at the enterprise (without 10 levels and 100 boxes on a page :) )

- Align as lean, effective delivery teams who can get the job done.

My sign off for the year and thing I’ve found when you ask yourself a lot of questions (as I have due to volume and pace of this year) is ‘Be yourself and believe’ - if your idea or proposition is good enough and it’s clear you care about it, that will always shine through.

I’ve never ‘made a sale’ I’ve talked about something I care about that I believe we can genuinely make a positive difference with.

To all my connections on here (and those I’ve had the pleasure of working with in some form this year) have an awesome Xmas and let’s go again fresh in 2018!"



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