By now most workplaces around the UK are winding down, code freezing or already finished for Christmas. With that in mind, we thought it apt to share our reflections on 2016 from a Nimble perspective.

Now as a wise guy (who's known me a few years) said to me in a pub a few weeks ago, it's really important you embrace your success. I normally give myself a 2 second acknowledgement of a 'oh that's great' before saying 'Right, what's next?'

So in the spirit of changing that and following said advice, looking back, 2016 has been an awesome year.  Let me share some of the highlights....

Unexpected role

I really enjoyed being part of the Home Office Digital start up hub in Sheffield. When the opportunity came to take on the Leadership role there, it was a little out of the blue, but something I couldn't turn down.

By the time October came we had recruited and on boarded an excellent set of people with the right combination of culture and skills to make this delivery capability sustainable. I can honestly say this has been one of the most incredibly challenging but most enjoyable things I've done in my career.

Decision to grow Nimble

It was this Home Office experience that prompted me to grow Nimble.

Whilst doing the (above) role, it had dawned on me that within my network there was an incredible range of talented people.

So whilst this was at the forefront of my mind I acted on it and decided to grow Nimble from being Chris the freelancer into a tightly knit SME.

Raj Kissy who had been instrumental in making a success of the Home Office Hub joined as a partner/ Lean-Agile Coach and James Green joined as an Interaction Designer with a passion for User Experience.

Big thanks and shout out to one of my best friends Andrew Long for his advice and support during this period as well as much appreciated wisdom from Kenny Grant and Jonny Rippon.

Kicking off our MoJ relationship

Having a mindset of learning and cross collaboration, we enjoyed sharing our experience of the Sheffield Hub and offering our support to the team who set up the NOMS studio for Ministry of Justice in Sheffield. This was followed with James being one of the first team members on the ground to help kick it all off.

Switch from Public to Private

After the Home Office experience, we began a new partnership with in October.  We have joined at a very interesting time at the start of their journey to mature a large number of product focused feature teams. So far we're loving the passion and drive of the people, at a company that's very ambitious.


We were thrilled to become partners of Agendashift, the Lean-Agile transformation tool by my esteemed friend and colleague Mike Burrows.

As we near the end of the year, we're just starting to use this tool in the wild and will be feeding back shortly to an amazing community of people who collaborate daily on the tool's slack channel.

Thought for 2017

In the same spirit of the work we do with teams there's been lots of learning, lots bubbling away that means 2017 is starting to look very interesting already!

One Tip: So we are less than 2 weeks away from the point where a lot of us may make a resolution for the new year. A resolution is a commitment (sorry that doesn't sound fun does it), so when doing so, just make sure it's steeped in reality and you feel it's challenging yet achievable.

Hope your year has been just as good and I wish you all a very Merry Xmas and Happy 2017!

Oh, and (linking back to the start of this article) finally thanks Rik for being that guy in the pub making me realise it's ok to embrace and share your own success :)

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