• Using Product Metrics in Product Management

    From my personal experience, (pre Agile and the Digital Revolution) Product Metrics have been around for quite some time,  but were being identified as something like Project Benefits or Benefits Realisation Metrics. The Benefits Realisation process would identify metrics, benefits or value a project may have to the organisation. The only issue was that these were specifically created and centred around the project itself (which obviously were valuable at the time). 

    by Raj
    2nd July 2020
  • Useful blogs for Product Management

    I don't blog often. In fact, if I’m honest, I’ve never blogged before. Whilst I’ve admired the work of others from afar, it’s honestly never occurred to me to write my own. But what better time than lockdown to try and stretch my creative legs and see how I get on (probably a little late to the party but hey ho, it's always good to start!). 

    by Raj
    25th June 2020
  • Getting engaged

    Bored of lockdown yet? Yeah… us too. Not seeing friends and family, juggling work and home life in a far more intense way than before, and now if I only eat 3 entire packets of biscuits a day, I’m practically on a diet. I knew I should have bought shares in McVities…

    by Chris
    12th May 2020
  • Leadership from a distance

    ‘Unprecedented’. A word we seem to be hearing on repeat at the moment. And rightly so – if someone had told me 6 months ago that we would be in this situation, in all honesty I would have nodded politely and rolled my eyes when they weren’t looking… (I would have been wrong).

    by Dan
    4th May 2020
  • Keeping the Agile mindset during lockdown

    If you work in an agile environment, and are now working remotely due to the lockdown, it can be a little daunting, and perhaps a bit bewildering as to how you can possibly keep things agile when you can’t physically get together with your team, and keep things moving across your physical board. 

    by Vic
    2nd April 2020
  • Locking down your mental health

    It’s official. We’re in lockdown. Most of us are now working from home where we can, and whilst this is absolutely essential, and the best thing to stop the spread of Covid-19, it’s likely that the change in working conditions, as well as the stress of the current uncertainty, is going to have quite a significant impact on mental health. 

    by Vic
    26th March 2020
  • Talking 'Bout a Resolution

    New Years. Fireworks, friends, and a toast (or two) to all the things you swear you’ll do this year (that you also swore you would do last year…). Sounds great doesn’t it? Full of energy, ambition and hope for the next 12 months.

    by Vic
    25th March 2020
  • Going Remote

    Things are getting a little worrying out there, and the focus is quite rightly shifting to keeping people safe and healthy. Working remotely is now something every business across the country is implementing, some of whom will never have worked this way before.

    by Vic
    19th March 2020
  • Welcome to Nimble Emma!

    We are super excited to be welcoming a new addition to the team - meet the awesome Emma Hopkinson!

    by Vic
    18th March 2020

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