• Telling a Story with a User Story

    Everyone has their own way of approaching User Stories, whether it's following a structure like Gherkin, or something they've adapted over the creation of hundreds of user stories, having worked with different teams. And this is my own approach...

    by Greg Horsfall
    9th December 2020
  • Checking in - moving the dial

    Is this another blog about looking after your staff in the ‘new normal’, in these ‘unprecedented times’, after ‘all this uncertainty’? Yep, it is. But I simply want to reiterate some points that I feel are incredibly important to keep in the foreground as we all try to rebuild and reshape. 

    by Vic
    29th October 2020
  • Pair with the devs, become a better team and ditch the defect reports

    Over the last few years. I have had more opportunities to pair with developers whilst testing. During this post I want to explore what I think enables effective pairing between developers and testers, and what it means for the quality and overall delivery of software.

    by Markus Albrecht
    14th September 2020
  • Making the unfamiliar familiar.

    Whenever the words ‘change’ or ‘transformation’ are mentioned within an organisation it can often bring with it a sense of unease and uncertainty as individuals worry about it may mean for them, their team and/or their department.

    by Robin Hackshall
    26th August 2020
  • Hello, I'm Jas!

    After a ten year career in recruitment, I’ve landed my dream job with Nimble - who I knew of before they were Nimble - when it was just Chris Roberts on his own. 

    by Jas
    11th August 2020
  • Keeping your engagement

    Lockdown, for all its obvious faults, frustrations and failings (to put it mildly), had some positives. As most companies saw their staff confined to working from home, or indeed furloughed, it also forced them to focus in on new ways to try keep their staff engagement levels high, and their teams feeling valued. 

    by Dan
    20th July 2020
  • Tips for Remote Working

    These are strange times that we’re living in at the minute. It’s frustrating, it’s challenging, and the desire to bend the rules becomes pretty unbearable, but what do you expect after 3 months in lockdown!

    by Dan K
    9th July 2020
  • Using Product Metrics in Product Management

    From my personal experience, (pre Agile and the Digital Revolution) Product Metrics have been around for quite some time,  but were being identified as something like Project Benefits or Benefits Realisation Metrics. The Benefits Realisation process would identify metrics, benefits or value a project may have to the organisation. The only issue was that these were specifically created and centred around the project itself (which obviously were valuable at the time). 

    by Raj
    2nd July 2020

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