Building a Testing framework for continuous improvement. How we reduced regression testing from 2 weeks to 30 minutes.

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Supporting their highly scalable marketplace solutions

NovaFori is a technology company who specialise in designing, building and operating highly scalable marketplace solutions. They’ve been working with a client since 2018, helping them to build an auction platform. But development on the site had stalled and it was slowly becoming out of date with legacy code and architectural choices.

Regression testing reduced

from 2 weeks to 30 minutes.

Frequency of releases reduced

from 6 months to 2 weeks.

The testing framework Nimble created has been game changing for us in reducing the time taken to deliver the client's features. They’ve worked really well with our teams and their knowledge and experience has been invaluable in this project.

Spencer KnightsbridgeHead of Delivery at NovaFori

NovaFori’s Challenge

When the client got in touch with NovaFori to discuss moving the platform forward, NovaFori recognised that the legacy system was now not easy to maintain and build on. Also the lack of test automation, decreased the confidence of releases. Ultimately leaving Novafori to rely on lengthy rounds of manual regression testing before each release.

NovaFori reached out to Nimble Approach to help create a testing solution that would allow them to update and improve their platform confidently and rapidly. Reducing rollbacks and long releases processes and allowing them to concentrate on adding value to the platform.

The goal was to implement a Test Automation Framework to allow frequent and timely delivery to the live site. To increase code coverage, quality, and to improve the success of delivery.

Our Solution

First we analysed the current solution to determine the existing test automation coverage and which areas could have automation tests implemented. This was key to understanding what would make the biggest difference.

We then drew up the best available options and worked with NovaFori to do a cost/benefit analysis. To help identify what the most cost effective method of reaching NovaFori’s goals would be.

The Result

The result was a Test Automation Framework that implemented unit, service and end-to-end tests, providing coverage across their tech stack.

The Test Framework created by Nimble Approach implemented unit, service and end-to-end tests, providing coverage across their technology stack. It’s enabled code to be developed and deployed to live in a fraction of the time it had previously taken. This gave the NovaFori team the capability to develop more new features, and to deliver them swiftly. Meaning they get a better product, faster as well as enabling NovaFori to be more productive.

  • Regression testing was reduced from 2 weeks to 30 minutes.
  • Frequency of releases reduced from 6 months to 2 weeks.
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Technology used

When it comes to which technology to use, it’s key to understand the client and their in-house skills and experience. We wanted to give NovaFori not only an amazing Testing Automation Framework, but one they could continue to maintain and use after the project was complete.

  • Typescript – Front end language that was already in use by NovaFori
  • Jest – Unit and component tests
  • Supertest – Service layer ‘API’ tests.
  • GraphQL – API framework
  • React – Front end
  • Cypress – End-to-end tests. NovaFori were using Cypress on other projects so their teams could maintain and update the code.

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