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Sometimes there is a need for team members to be distributed, sometimes there are restrictions with people's circumstances, and we’ve all stayed home for that all-important delivery! We all lead busy lives; juggling work/family/friends/other commitments more than ever before.

Nimble set up the remote connected teams model as a variation to our increasingly popular & proven Pop Up Squads service.

So what are the differences?

  • Do we still shape a delivery and spin up the best team with the right skillsets?

    Do we still provide the leanest team so you get the most value?

    Do we still upskill and transfer knowledge to your people?

See what we did there 😉

So the only true difference is that we are not located in the same room.

And this is 100% okay, as we acknowledge the challenges and have compiled an adaptive, agile process that overcomes them and still delivers, with bells on!

Chat to us today about remote connected teams and let us understand how we can help you overcome your current hurdles.

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