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Why use Nimble Pop-up squads?

  • A quick fix for a short term resource crisis

    Maybe you’ve suddenly hit capacity and don’t have time to go through the hiring process.

    Or maybe you just don’t know what you’d do with all the extra employees when the project is over.

    Our squads get in, get the job done, and get out, leaving you with a finished project and no extra salaries to cover.

  • Upskill your in-house teams

    Your squad members will each be elite in their own field. Not only will they do a top notch job, they will pass on their knowledge and processes to your existing teams.

    This means you can benefit from our squads long after they’re gone.

  • Hand-picked for the job at hand

    You don’t need to worry about who to hire and when. Tell us what needs doing and we’ll pull together a team that gets it done.

    Our specialists cover a wide range of skills (UX, BA, Product, Dev, SM, Test, DevOps) and our squads are often made up of people with multiple skill sets.

  • Flexible to fit with your way of working

    Want your squad onsite? No problem.

    Happy with remote working? Your squad can be based at our HQ in Sheffield.

    Need a whole delivery team? We’ve got you covered.

    Already got a talented team but need more specialist services to deliver? Consider it done.

    Our squad setup can be easily adapted to any project in any business.

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