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You tell us your vision, and our teams will work with you to make it happen!

We can either manage whole project delivery, or enhance your existing teams. Whether it’s the delivery of a managed service, delivering a suite of web services, enhancing existing services and products, or migrating products to the cloud, we will help you build something sustainable, accessible, and effective for you and your users. Our teams have the range and depth of expertise required to deliver your project at pace.

We can provide the whole delivery team or we can provide those few key people to complete and augment your existing team. With Nimble, collaboration is key.

Principles of high operability are pivotal to all our designs from day-1, with key drivers being monitorability, easy/regular/frequent deployment, scalability, availability and extensibility.

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  • Maybe you want… A quick fix for a short term resource crisis

    Maybe you’ve suddenly hit capacity and don’t have time to go through the hiring process.

    Or maybe you just don’t know what you’d do with all the extra employees when the project is over.

    Our squads get in, get the job done, and get out, leaving you with a finished project and no extra salaries to cover.

  • Maybe you want to… Upskill your in-house teams

    Your squad members will each be elite in their own field. Not only will they do a top notch job, they will pass on their knowledge and processes to your existing teams.

    This means you can benefit from our squads long after they’re gone.

  • Maybe you want… Product, Project or Service Delivery

    Depending on your requirements, we’ll offer to run the completed systems as a managed service for you, or provide a thorough handover to your in-house team to ensure full sustainability.

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We always aim to upskill and enhance our client organisations with new technologies, new team skills or the latest agile methodologies. These projects offer a perfect vehicle for that:

  • Web Applications & Digital Platforms

    If you have a digital platform that needs delivering, from user research & interaction design through to platform build and cloud hosting, we can build the digital platform end-to-end, delivering an MVP at pace.

    Our teams will work in an agile way to develop the right platform for your business, to help improve productivity and operational functionality.

  • Data Services

    Data makes the world go round. Our squads can help you manage your data, generate analytics and build smooth, real-time data applications. We will put together a team of data specialists to help you enhance your data processes, create data strategies, discover underlying trends, and ultimately help you make better, data-driven decisions.

  • Mobile

    Mobile technology is everywhere and has totally changed the way we go about our daily lives. Apps need to be reliable, easy to use, and keep the user’s attention. That’s where we can help! We will put together a specialist team to refine your vision before applying their engineering knowledge and experience to build the product. We can help you to create something reliable, well-executed, and engaging for your customers, to help them keep coming back for more.

  • GDS

    With extensive experience working with and for a range of Government bodies, our teams are used to the complex governance and flexible approach required to ensure any public sector project is successful.

    We will craft a team who have the knowledge of each stage of the GDS Service Design Manual and what’s required to pass service assessments first time. With the expertise to match, we will deliver valuable digital services at pace that meet user needs and delight stakeholders.

  • Cloud

    Well-built cloud systems bring flexibility and the ability to scale on demand to meet increasing customer needs. We can make sure your organisation is making the most of the advantages the cloud can bring. Our teams are experienced in the full range of cloud platforms, from AWS to Azure… how do you think we started out! So we know exactly how to take you from building platforms to building products.

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