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Agile adoption needs to be malleable. That’s not to say we don’t use our old friend ‘best practice’ but every organisation is different.

The Nimble approach is implementing Agile at a pace that compliments your delivery ambitions. This means a hands on approach, learning on the job and not compromising on delivery.

We operate Transition to Agile in 2 layers which feed nicely into each other:

  1. Strategy - we work with ‘the business’ and Leadership team to ensure you have a vision which clearly articulates what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Delivery - we connect this vision to your teams on the ground to deliver value early and often.

Transition to Agile

We hear the term 'Transition to Agile' thrown around a lot, but the interpretation of what this actually means can be very different.

There are several frameworks, or ‘methodologies’, that exist that focus on delivering projects in an Agile way, such as Scrum, Kanban, XP and SAFe, and they all have their strengths.

So, what does Agile Adoption actually REALLY mean?
What it reeeeally means is, the C word… no, not that one. We’re talking about Change.

An Agile transition often starts in Technology, but it should be pervasive, and be seen as a Global Operational Model that starts in Technology, but ends with everywhere.

However, change is hard for many reasons; and Nimble, well…. we get that. We get it all.

We Nimblers know Agile methodologies like the back of our hand. We’ve been using them and moulding them to your needs for a really long time. Now we see ourselves as specialists at being able to make Agile methodologies malleable.

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Why do we want to make Agile Malleable?

Because we don’t want your Agile Transition to fail.

Your business is complex, the Market is complex and people are complex. There’s a lot of complexity involved. Getting it right is really important so that your business ends up being set up for success.


We know that a successful transition is more about doing the right thing at the right time than just following an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘by the book’ approach. We want to really understand your business so that we can help you manage the pace of the implementation.

Our highly experienced and award winning consultants know exactly how to get the timings right so that your business transitions as smoothly as possible

Objective Oriented Agile

We know that Agile Methodologies work. We know why they work, and we know how to adopt their principles in order to get them to work for you when faced with difficult constraints and adversity.

Here at Nimble we know how to make Agile get the results you really need. We understand that you need

  • Short term strategy
  • Long term strategy
  • Minimal impact on Delivery

We will help your business understand how to get started with a short term strategy. We’ll walk you through achieving short term goals before thinking about how to shape the visions for your future. We want to work together with you to understand the tolerance of your business with regards to the impact on delivery.

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