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After an introduction from bespoke brand agency Side by Side, Nimble delivered a custom built solution which allowed dealers to completely manage their working operations.

This included:

  • How they order stock, manage their stock
  • The end to end sales journey, from factory to customer
  • Management of warranties
  • Bespoke barcode scanning on hardware and software devices in a warehouse, out in the field or in store
  • Point of sale capabilities

With multiple end to end journeys that spanned different personas, Nimble’s lean service design led approach to MVP delivery has enabled a wide range of users to start benefiting from the product early, whilst further iterative releases are being delivered.

Texmo's Product Owner Arjunan Ramachandran said

"The team is lean and focuses on delivering value. They will bring the right people onboard to make the job happen. They’re not just a solution provider or contractor - the team create a collaborative relationship"

As part of the project, Nimble hosted a Code Camp in their Sheffield office to upskill the client’s legacy development team and build a sustainable capability.

Arjunan Ramachandran

"We also have an inhouse development team, and one of the things we wanted to do was upskill our team to work on a more modern technology stack.

We discussed this with Chris and his team, and they agreed to upskill our team in India as part of the project. We actually had some of our development team from India coming over here to Nimble HQ for a couple of months at a time which worked really well, and they’re doing a lot better in terms of the working style compared to how we were before."

Arjunan Ramachandran, Product Owner at Texmo Industries

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