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Josh Holdsworth, Sales Director

Josh Holdsworth, Public Sector Director @ Nimble Approach.
Joined September 2022

Hi Everyone, I’m Josh and I could not be happier to be joining Nimble to take a lead on our continued journey in helping the public sector!

How did you get into this role?

Before joining Nimble I was leading the NHS portfolio at another consultancy, similar to Nimble. I started leading that function just as the pandemic kicked off so it was all hands to the pump after that!

Before that I’ve worked for various consultancies and agencies across Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Education, Video Games and more.

My professional background is that by trade I’m a Product Person, getting up to Head of Product before moving into my current leadership positions, and I’ve also had a byline in Agile Training and Scrum, operating as a lead agile trainer at NHS Digital and training around 400 people in Agile ways of working.

Why did you make the move to Nimble?

For me Nimble looks like everything I’m interested in. We’re young, vibrant, growing and perhaps most importantly what you see is what you get. I’ve worked with a lot of consultancies that present themselves as being slick, infallible or like they have all the answers, which isn’t always true. I’ve always felt like that’s not what Nimble is about, instead we’re here to work with you, to find out together and to deliver great stuff.

Everyone I’ve interacted with over the years at Nimble has just been an exceptionally genuine and honest individual and that’s a massive draw for me.

What are you aiming to achieve at Nimble?

It would be simple to point to a product or an outcome as the thing I’ve been most proud of but honestly I think that those are the visible outcomes of a more fundamental goal – to create great teams. So what I’m hoping to achieve at Nimble is to create a fantastic atmosphere, a supportive environment with worthwhile work, a place where we can grow and create brilliant teams and individuals.

I want us to have somewhere we want to be every day, rather than dreading on a Sunday night, and have somewhere we can be our authentic selves, whilst creating loads of value for our customers.

All of that is very woolly, so to be slightly more specific I want us to make a real impact in public sector consulting, I want us to be seen as the “go-to” people who can make things happen. A pipe-dream would be to have full cross-functional squads operating in all the major facets of public life.

What do you love about working in Tech?

For me technology is something that if we do it right can democratise access to the world.
If we do it right we can help people up-skill, find partners, make friendships, and express themselves.

People can access healthcare, they can get new jobs, they can make plans to travel the world and all of this was previously gatekept and required someone else, someone often very expensive, in front of you.

Now we can have every tool we need in our hands, and my belief is that we need to help people make best use of this capacity for the betterment of all of us.

What are your strongest skills?

What a hard question! It’s hard to answer without sounding full of yourself but I think I would pride myself on being able to see the strength in people, how they work and what they need to succeed. I’ve been a product person and trainer and that has really enabled me to understand that our strength is as a team and not as individuals, that we all have parts to play.
My old team also used to say that I could tell the future, so make of that what you want!

Outside of work, I’m a dab hand in the kitchen and can make a killer cocktail to go with!

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work I’m usually found listening to music on one of a myriad of pieces of gear. I recently had to cut down as I had 9 pairs of headphones of various uses, and that’s not counting all the speakers wired into the flat. Its *possible* that 12 speakers in a 2 bed apartment is more than strictly necessary.

I’m also a massive gamer, with more ways to play that I will ever have time to play using! Despite having a ridiculous gaming rig, I only seem to be using handhelds at the moment as that’s all I’ve managed to squeeze time for.

Finally I’m a voracious reader, currently making my way through the entire Golliancz sci-fi masterworks collection. I think my Kindle might have been the best purchase I’ve ever made.

What was your dream job when you were at School?

Definitely an archaeologist!

What’s your favourite piece of technology?

Right now it’s definitely my Steam Deck, I absolutely love being able to play Hades on the go – it was an absolute life-saver during my recent travels around Europe. 6 hours on the spinebreaker express to nowhere isn’t so bad with that in hand!

Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

I was briefly a semi-professional gamer playing league of legends, but wisely (or more likely seeing the £millions salary the professionals get now, unwisely) gave it up for a career in consulting!

Anything else you’d like to tell us or want to add?

Just to get it out of the way, I have ADHD which means that sometimes I will be 100 miles an hour, or totally lost into a topic and impossible to talk to and I’m an absolute menace when it comes to accidentally interrupting people so please bear with me on these!
If you are someone who is, or think you might be, neurodiverse then please feel free to come and talk to me about it, or even if not if you just want to know more then swing by!