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Hello there! I’m Vic and I’ve joined the Nimble community this week as Operations Specialist. I’m 5”6 (if we’re being generous), my hair colour is ‘tinge of the ginge’, and I enjoy outdoor adventures and musicals…oh and managing all things operations and marketing!

Blind date

I was busy working as an Operations Manager for a local recruitment company when an interesting message dropped in to my LinkedIn inbox. Head of Commercial Joel, doing what he does best, approached me in the cool, calm, informal Nimble style, and asked if I’d be interested in a chat about a role within their team, supporting their day to day operations and marketing. I was pretty happy where I was, and not being from a tech background I hadn’t come across Nimble before, so it was going to take something very special indeed to turn my head, but that’s exactly what I found. After a series of informal meetings (and a trip to the pub!) the positive impression left on me from Chris and the team was one that left me excited about the opportunity, keen to get my teeth into the challenge, but more importantly than anything else, I already felt valued. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company like that!?

Relationship history

My background is fairly varied, and my CV has included quite a diverse list of job titles such as ‘Lifeguard’ and ‘Toy Demonstrator’, but the last 8 years have been focussed on using my passion for proactivity and organisation to provide operational and executive support to senior management teams and CEO’s. Most recently, my role as Operations Manager saw me developing a number of different policies and processes (including taking control of their GDPR and legal procedures), creating content and producing marketing collateral, as well as providing EA support for the Managing Director. This gave me the invaluable experience to be able to bring my skills to this brand new platform, and whilst I have a LOT to learn, I’m really excited to be going on this new Nimbler adventure!